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Single 'A' Division
Eligibility Requirements
Age: 6 - 8


We offer a Rookie Baseball Division for 6-year-olds who have played T-Ball and are ready for a higher level of play and all 7-year-olds. Those 6-year-olds who register for Rookie baseball must have played T-Ball before and should be prepared to hit machine pitching and field balls that may at times be hit considerably harder than in T-Ball. We also allow 8-year-olds with no Rookie experience to play in the Rookie division before moving up to live pitching in the Minor B division.

In Rookie baseball, squishy baseballs are used as in T-Ball, but hitters will attempt to hit off of a pitching machine instead of a batting tee. However, if hitters fail to make contact off the machine in 5 attempts, they will be offered a chance to hit off a batting tee. The goal of this division is to teach all kids to be able to make contact off of a pitching machine to prepare them for higher levels of baseball.

In Rookie, since the balls are moving towards the bat instead of resting stationary on a tee, and since the kids are a little older and stronger and have more developed baseball skills, the hit baseballs can come at the fielders significantly faster than in T-Ball. Any 6-year-olds that may not be ready for fielding at this level should return to T-ball one more year. In the Rookie division, players will be taught more defensive skills, including the concepts of force outs and unforced outs requiring tags.

All boys and girls league age 7 and those age 6 with T-ball experience (and inexperienced or safety-risk 8 year olds) are eligible to participate in our Rookie Program, regardless of where they live. All eligible players who sign up for this program are guaranteed to be placed on a team in this division, but must be evaluated prior to being drafted onto a team. Evaluations for this program will be announced at a later date. You will be notified by mail of your child's exact evaluation date and time during the week prior. Proof of age (original birth certificate) must be brought to the evaluations (along with the registration fee if not yet fully paid) and presented at the sign-in table at the Snack Shack in order to certify each child for participation in the program and register him/her to be evaluated.