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Welcome Parents, to Heartwell Baseball Inc's Online Registration System for our Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth & Buddy Ball Leagues. Below you will find the steps necessary for signing up your child(ren) with our youth baseball program.

Please email   if your having any issues!

Please select the program that you would like to register your child(s) for.
Please note: There are separate registration programs per age group... please read carefully to determine which division your child belongs to!

You may pay for your child's registration online via EasyMerchant Plus or PayPal, or you may drop by the League Office if paying by check or cash.

Please note: eMails sent by the League to our members relating to your registration will come from   and/or  . Make sure to add these email addresses to your contact list so they don't end up in your Spam folder.


Early Bird Pricing is offered now through December 8, 2019 - $15 off your registration. To take advantage of this discount, the Registration Fee must be paid by December 8, 2019. All other fees can be paid at the scheduled due dates as outlined below...

In addition to payment in full at the time of registration, the "Easy Merchant Plus" payment module also allows for partial payments. The pre-set payment plan is as follows…

Upon completion of the registration a $50 Deposit will be collected.

1/5/2020 - The “Initial Payment”, this also goes towards the registration fee.

1/26/2020 - The Long Beach Park User Fee ($20).

2/23/2020 - Our League Fundraiser Fee ($75).

3/31/2020 - Final Balance Payment for the remainder of the registration fee. 

Finally, Snack Bar Deposits will be collected separately through your Team Parent or Manager.

For those who may be interested, PayPal also offers their "Bill Me Later" option which is a 6-month same as cash program. If you are interested, please select the "PayPal" payment portal and then the "Bill Me Later" option when checking out and follow the instructions. 

When paying by PayPal - if you want to pay the full amount over six months, make sure all modules are complete and then select the "Bill Me Later" option. PayPal will only allow for a single and complete transaction, with either immediate payment from your account or payments that will be due over 6 months.  

Spring Registration Fees includes the following:

League Fees, Jersey, Hat, League Basic Photo Package, Trophy, League Insurance, League Charter Fees, Umpire Fees, and City Fees (Fields, Lights, etc.)

$60 – Buddy Ball League







SENIOR DIVISION (AGES 16-19) – Summer Program, Registration opens April 2, 2020

(*The Spring Registration Fee DOES NOT INCLUDE the Long Beach Park User Fee, our League Fundraiser and our Refundable Snack Bar Deposit).

BY SUBMITTING THIS APPLICATION, YOU ARE INDICATING YOUR UNDERSTANDING THAT WE WILL BE COLLECTING A PARK USER FEE ON BEHALF OF THE CITY OF LONG BEACH. The City requires that we collect $19 per player, with a $5 credit applied to residents of Long Beach. This fee only applies to the current season so if you play Spring and Fall, understand it will be collected twice per year.

BY SUBMITTING THIS APPLICATION, YOU ARE AGREEING TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR $75 LEAGUE FUNDRAISER. This is the League’s only Fundraiser, and it is mandatory for all players. Currently, our League Fundraiser is the sale of Raffle Tickets (prizes are awarded with this Fundraiser). Each player is required to sell $75 worth of $5 Raffle Tickets. The $75 Fundraiser amount must be paid fully before February 23, 2020. Uniforms will not be distributed until the Fundraiser Fees are collected.
Please note that the League does not intend for the Fundraiser amount to be paid directly by our parent members but instead be treated as an opportunity to raise support for our program through collections from family, friends, neighbors and other members of our community. The Raffle will take place on Family Fun Day and you will have ample time to sell the tickets.

THERE IS A VOLUNTARY $200 TEAM SPONSORSHIPS FOR THOSE TEAM'S THAT WISH TO PARTICIPATE. Teams are encouraged to participate, this is a great way to build community with our local businesses, and they will be listed as a sponsor on our website - through the use of coupons, many sponsors have had much success developing new business from our membership. Sponsorships are also not intended to be collected from our parent members but rather to be raised from community businesses.

The success of Heartwell Baseball Inc. depends on parent participation and this is especially true for our Snack Bar. To this end, we require a $75 Snack Bar Deposit per player, and every family is required to work in the Snack Bar for a total of 6 hours (e.g., 2 shifts of 3 hours each or 1 shift of 6 hours) per player, in order to receive a refund of your Snack Bar Deposit. Of course, for those of you who are willing and able, we are happy to have you volunteer more and welcome you to become an active participant in our community.
There are opportunities besides the Snack Bar to earn your "Snack Bar Credits", if interested please inquire with a representative of the league.
Snack Bar Deposit Payments are to be collected BEFORE UNIFORMS ARE ISSUED!

Players who register after the start of the Draft will be subject to a $25 late fee. This fee is necessary to cover the additional expense incurred when ordering additional player uniforms individually.

The last day to request a refund of registration fees will be the DAY PRIOR to the start of the League Draft. (For Fall Ball, the "draft" will be the assigning of teams on opening day). All requests for refunds must be made, in writing, to the attention of the League Player Agent. If eligible, refunds will be issued less a $25 cancellation fee.

Payments made for the Snack Bar Deposit and/or the League Fundraiser will also be eligible for refunds, but please note, any Park User Fees collected are non-refundable.

20 SPRING Registration, Junior Division Released High School Players

Registration module for High School players wanting to join our Babe Ruth Junior Division, Spring Season upon release for their High School Baseball Teams:

Registration for Players Ages 13-15.

This Registration fee only applies to soon to be released High School Players joining the Babe Ruth, JR Division.

Please note the Registration Fee does not includes the PUF (Park User Fee), this Fee will be added separately as you complete this registration module.

Base Cost: $125.00

Opened: 04/01/2020
Closes: 07/01/2020

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 05/01/2004 and 04/30/2006

25 open positions.  

20 SUMMER Registration, BR Senior Division (16-19)

Registration for players interested in joining our Babe Ruth League - Senior Division

Spring and Summer Season:


Registration for Players Ages 16-19.

This Registration fee only applies to the Babe Ruth SR Division.


Please note the Registration Fee does not includes the City of LB PUF (Park User Fee), this Fee will be added separately as you complete this registration module.

Base Cost: $195.00

Opened: 04/02/2020
Closes: 07/01/2020

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 05/01/2000 and 04/30/2004

44 open positions.