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Farm League - (Coach Pitch & Rookie Divisions)
Eligibility Requirements
Coach Pitch: Age: 4 - 6 / Rookie: 5 - 7

For 4 through 6 year old boys and girls, we offer a Coach Pitch program to introduce them to the game of baseball. They will be taught hitting techniques with both a live ball and a batting tee as well as an introduction to base running skills. They will be taught fielding and throwing skills with a soft squishy baseball all while getting instruction in the most basic rules of the game.

Any 6 year old and some 5 year olds, who have already played at least one year of T-ball or Coach Pitch and are comfortable with their hitting and fielding skill level are also eligible to sign up for our Rookie Baseball program, in which a pitching machine is used to pitch to the batters. For more information on this program, refer to the Rookie Baseball program link under the Baseball category on the previous page.

All boys and girls league ages 4 through 7 are eligible to participate in our Farm program, regardless of where they live. There are no evaluations for this program, and all who sign up for it are guaranteed to be placed on a team. However, proof of age (original birth certificate) must be brought to the fields (along with the registration fee if not yet fully paid) on one of our evaluation dates and presented at the sign-in table at the Snack Shack in order to certify each child for participation in the program.