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Welcome Parents, to the Heartwell Baseball Inc. Registration System. Please choose which Division your Son/Daughter will be playing in the Spring Season from the options below:


BY SUBMITTING THIS APPLICATION, YOU ARE AGREEING TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR $75 LEAGUE FUNDRAISER. This is the League’s only Fundraiser, and it is mandatory for all players. Currently, our League Fundraiser is the sale of Raffle Tickets (prizes are awarded with this Fundraiser). Each player is required to sell $75 worth of $5 Raffle Tickets. The $75 Fundraiser amount must be paid fully before opening day. Your son/daughter will not be issued their uniforms, until the Fundraiser amount is paid in full.

Please note that the League does not intend for the Fundraiser amount to be paid directly by our parent members but instead be treated as an opportunity to raise support for our program through collections from family, friends, neighbors and other members of our community.

THERE IS A VOLUNTARY $200 IN TEAM SPONSORSHIPS FOR THOSE TEAM'S THAT WISH TO PARTICIPATE. Sponsorships are also not intended to be collected from our parent members but rather to be raised from community businesses.


The success of Heartwell Baseball Inc. depends on parent participation and this is especially true for our Snack Bar. To this end, we require a $75 Snack Bar Deposit per player, and every family is required to work in the Snack Bar for a total of 6 hours (e.g., 2 shifts of 3 hours each or 3 shifts of 2 hours) per player, in order to receive a refund of your Snack Bar Deposit. Of course, for those of you who are willing and able, we are happy to  have you volunteer more and welcome you to become an active participant in our community.
There are opportunities besides the Snack Bar to earn your "Snack Bar Credits", if interested please inquire with a representative of the league.
Snack Bar Deposit Payments are to be received BEFORE UNIFORMS ARE ISSUED!



The last day to request a refund of registration fees will be the DAY PRIOR to the start of the League Draft. (For Fall Ball, the "draft" will be the assigning of teams on opening day). All requests for refunds must be made, in writing, to the attention of the League Player Agent. If eligible, refunds will be issued less a $25 cancellation fee.

Payments for the Snack Bar Deposit or the League Fundraiser will also be eligible but, unfortunately the Park User Fee is non-refundable.