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Our league has a fantastic opportunity to partner with Buffalo Wild Wings to provide sponsorship for our league.  The best part is that it is very easy for everyone to participate!  Here is what we do:
1.  Families going to Buffalo Wild Wings mention their team name and division (ie, “Major Dodgers”) when ordering
     their food.  (Either dine-in or take away).
2.  When you receive your receipt, hold on to it and turn it in to your Team Manager.
3.  The Team Manager will enter the date and amount from the receipt onto a tracking form on the HBI Website by
     using this link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pExuIz2pNuQbQH95qP-OYwwlb2z5pjEsJRwwSqE0oUs
4.  Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 10% of all sales to Heartwell Baseball!
5.  The team that generates the most donations over the course of the season will win a FREE* post-season party
     for their team! Here is the link to the tracking sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet

During the competition, Buffalo Wild Wings will maintain a scoreboard, tracking each team’s progress.  At the end of the season, we will verify team totals and announce the winner!  It is very important to keep the receipts and turn them in to your team manager!
After the season ends, our partnership will continue.  All you have to do is mention Heartwell Baseball and the league will still receive a donation from Buffalo Wild Wings. 
Buffalo Wild Wings (at the Lakewood Mall)
4678 Daneland
Lakewood, CA  90712

*Free post-season party:  Players receive Beverage, Wings, Burger/Fries and Dessert.  (up to 15 players) Parents may purchase food/drinks on separate checks.  Party will be in private patio area.  You may also bring a video to watch on a big flatscreen while eating.