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The Umpire's View

The Umpire's View

I would like to point out a couple items about being an umpire. In youth baseball there is only about 6 things that a umpire is looking for in a game. These are out & safe, fair & foul, and ball & strike. As we get a little bit older there are 2 other aspects to the game that are added and they are balks & the infield fly rule.

Like the title says, this is all based on the vantage point of the umpire. If you are standing on a different part of the field or in the stands your vantage point on the play may see it from a different angle. That does not mean that the call from the umpire was wrong. He simply made the call from the umpire's view.

If at any point you would like to discuss the play or the call please call a time out. Once this has been aknowledged by the umpire, (time is out) you may approach the umpire and discuss the play. Please keep in mind that there are 24+ kids watching and a lot of fans in the stands.

Thanks from "Blue"

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